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ASCE OC University Outreach: CSULB Life After Graduation Workshop

ASCE OC YMF University Outreach hosted a panel comprising Nathaniel Kapongo (LADOT), Kevin Tasci (Mark Thomas), and Danny Giron (AES) to introduce seniors to life after graduation. The comprehensive presentation covered professional growth, professional societies, graduate studies, licensure, benefits, budgeting, retirement savings, and work-life balance. Participants engaged in an in-depth discussion, extending well after the workshop, exchanging personal experiences, expectations, and aspirations. University Outreach eagerly anticipates collaborating with emerging professionals and looks forward to providing ongoing guidance to curious students.


About The Author:

Danny Giron is a Staff Engineer at Advanced Earth Sciences, CSULB alumni, and serves as an OC YMF University Outreach CSULB Co-Liaison. As a Long Beach native, he enjoys supporting his Long Beach community, volunteering, and attending local events and nonprofits.


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