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ASCE OC Younger Member Forum: May General Meeting at Newport Beach Golf Course

Updated: May 22

ASCE OC YMF hosts a general meeting every third Wednesday of the month. The general meetings vary between in-person socials, virtual conferences, and hybrid workshops. For May, our members got back into the swing of things at the Newport Golf Course Driving Range. We were welcomed by many new faces who were attending their first ASCE OC YMF event, and we also welcomed existing members. Participants got a chance to practice their swings, and some people picked up a golf club for the first time. Business cards, LinkedIn requests, and smiles were exchanged throughout the event. 

There's no better way to end an event than to have pizza! After the social/general meeting, attendees who remained enjoyed the food and the company.

May General Meeting Attendees

If you have not had a chance to join OC YMF on the golf course, we hope to see you at the OC Branch Golf Tournament on Friday, June 28th. Feel free to join OC YMF at any of our next general meetings on the third Wednesday of the month. 


About The Author:

Tyler Hodges is a Project Engineer at Mark Thomas in Irvine, CA. He currently serves on the ASCE Orange County YMF executive board the as the President. Tyler specializes in drainage design for local and state roadway projects. Though not an avid golfer, Tyler enjoys trying different sports and making connections with new people. In his free time you can find him trying new coffee shops with his wife or taking his cat on a walk.


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