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Submit your 2024 Individual and Project Award Nominations by Friday, April 19th at Midnight!

Every year, the ASCE Orange County Branch invites nominations for Project and Individual Awards that recognize civil engineering projects and professionals for their achievements. Any number of applications may be submitted for each of the awards offered. Nominations should be made with the local Branch in which the individual or project is located. During the nominations period, please click the Nomination Forms above to make your nominations.

The awards are celebrated annually at the ASCE Orange County Branch Awards Dinner, selected from nominations made by the Branches, Younger Member Forum, Life Member Forum, Technical Groups, Committees, and individual members. All Project and Individual Award recipients will be automatically forwarded to the LA Section Awards Committee for an official nomination for an LA Section Award, to be presented in the following calendar year. 

The award categories are as follows:


  • Outstanding Airports and Ports Project

  • Outstanding Architectural Engineering Project

  • Outstanding Bikeways and Trails Project

  • Outstanding Bridge Project

  • Outstanding Community Improvement Project

  • Outstanding Construction Project

  • Outstanding Energy Project

  • Outstanding Environmental Engineering Project

  • Outstanding Flood Management Project

  • Outstanding Geotechnical Project

  • Outstanding Historical Renovation Project

  • Outstanding Parks and Recreation Project

  • Outstanding Roadways and Highways Project

  • Outstanding Seismic Retrofit Project

  • Outstanding Small Project

  • Outstanding Structural Engineering Project

  • Outstanding Sustainable Engineering Project

  • Outstanding Transportation Project

  • Outstanding Urban or Land Development Project

  • Outstanding Water Project

  • Outstanding Water/Wastewater Treatment Project


  • Excellence in Journalism

  • Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Outstanding ASCE Branch Officer

  • Outstanding ASCE Faculty Advisor

  • Outstanding ASCE Life Member

  • Outstanding ASCE Practitioner Advisor

  • Outstanding ASCE Section Officer

  • Outstanding Civil Engineer in Community Service

  • Outstanding Civil Engineer in Legislative Activities

  • Outstanding Civil Engineer in the Private Sector

  • Outstanding Civil Engineer in the Public Sector

  • Outstanding Civil Engineering Student

  • Outstanding YMF Officer

  • Outstanding Younger Civil Engineer

  • State Legislator of the Year


Awards & Nominations Chair

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