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ASCE OC President's Column: Embracing Progress, Building Bridges

Happy New Year! As we enter 2024, filled with new challenges and exciting opportunities, I am honored to address you as the ASCE Orange County Branch President. Our community is built on collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to advancing civil engineering excellence.

This month, let us reflect on our incredible strides as a branch and as individuals. Our dedication to fostering professional growth, knowledge sharing, and community engagement continues to drive our success. As we look ahead, I am confident that we will achieve even greater heights together.

One of our primary goals is to embrace and support every institute and committee within our branch. In this new year, the branch will co-host the monthly luncheons with one of our institutes or committees. I am happy to announce that the Sustainability Committee will on February 15 co-host our first branch luncheon. We will hear about two very different projects and their achievement of Envision verified status.

I encourage each of you to actively participate in our upcoming events, share your expertise, and engage with fellow members. Your contributions make our branch vibrant and dynamic, and I am eager to witness the positive impact we can collectively create.

Remember, our strength lies in our unity, knowledge, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Together, we will not only meet the challenges that lie ahead but also pave the way for a future where civil engineering continues to shape our world.

Thank you for your dedication, passion, and continued support. Here's to another month of growth, collaboration, and building bridges that stand the test of time.

Roger Chung, PE, CFM, ENV SP, QSD/P, F.ASCE

ASCE Orange County Branch President


About the Author:

Roger Chung is a Senior Project Manager at BKF Engineers. Roger has served on the Executive Board of the EWRI Orange County Chapter for the past 19 years. Roger can be contacted at


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