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ASCE CSU Fullerton: Student Chapter Attend Multiple YMF General Meetings

The CSUF Student Chapter attends the OC YMF 2023 November and December General Meetings.

OC YMF November General Meeting: Travel Hacks

The meeting started with updates from the three schools and general announcements from the YMF board. They followed with an insightful presentation on understanding and accumulating travel points. The guest speaker and host, David Pan, shared valuable tips on choosing the right credit card, maximizing point accrual, and staying updated on promotions and bonuses. The key takeaway was the importance of selecting a credit card that aligns with your unique travel goals. Different cards offer varying perks, such as airline miles, hotel stays, or flexible travel credits. Members learned to asses their spending habits and choose a card that complements their lifestyle. This session proved invaluable for ASCE members as it imparted essential hacks directly tied to the travel points and financial advice discussed earlier that will undoubtedly enhance their future travel experiences. The goal was to encourage members to consider taking action and assess their credit card portfolios, explore new cards with enticing rewards, and begin planning their next adventure. The world is waiting, and with the right travel hacks, they can embark on new and exciting journeys.

OC YMF December General Meeting: Holiday White Elephant

ASCE OC YMF hosted its December general meeting, welcoming younger general members, YMF board officers, and Students from the three collegiate chapters: Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Long Beach, and UCI. The meeting began in person at Mark Thomas in Irvine by allowing attendees to serve themselves the provided dinner and chat with one another while the virtual attendees logged on. The YMF president, Tyler Hodges, began by announcing the next event in the ElevateU series and opportunities for involvement, followed by Secretary Celeste announcing upcoming YMF events. Other YMF board members made position-relevant announcements, updating the general members on things like reimbursements and opportunities to join committees. The students then shared what each of their chapters had been up to and any upcoming events YMF should be on the lookout for. Next, the YMF members were able to hear UCI representative, Brian Tarroja, speak about the University's new Master of Engineering program. Members were able to ask questions about the details of the program, benefits, and how to apply. Thank you to UCI for introducing this new program for YMF. Lastly, the much-anticipated white elephant gift exchange was held, allowing both in-person and online attendees to participate. One by one, each person was able to open a new gift or “steal” an opened one. By the end, each person had received a gift, whether in person or by way of an online order. Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in the exchange, see you at the next one! 


About the Author:

Annabelle Talavera is a dedicated senior pursuing a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering at California University of Fullerton. With a strong construction and stormwater inspection background, Annabelle brings practical knowledge to her academic pursuits. In the academic year 2023-2024, she will be taking on the role of historian for the ASCE CSUF student chapter. Outside of her academic and professional endeavors, she enjoys rock climbing, crocheting, and spending time with her friends and family. If you'd like to connect with Annabelle or learn more about her experiences and involvement, she can be reached at [OC YMF November General Meeting: Travel Hacks]

Elsie Romero is a civil engineering student at CSU Fullerton. She serves as the ASCE CSUF Student Chapter Secretary and California Geotechnical Engineering Association President. Outside of the Civil Engineering Department. She also serves as a research assistant for the Physics Department under Dr. Meng Shen and the the Team Captain/Lead Designer for CSUF's award winning GeoWall team. She can be contacted via LinkedIn. [OC YMF December General Meeting: Holiday White Elephant]


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