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ASCE OC Membership: Welcome New Members - August/September 2023

Welcome to the American Society of Civil Engineers! We are happy you joined us in ASCE's Orange County Branch. Remember there are 101 ways to benefit from your membership with ASCE. Become involved, educate yourself on an engineering topic outside of your expertise, and build relationships with others in the industry - to name a few.

Learn More About Your Membership Here:

Please contact a Board Member if you have questions or a committee chairperson to become involved.

Welcome New Members:

August 2023

  • Shir Shah Stanikzai, S.M.ASCE

  • Jamie Fink, Aff.M.ASCE

  • Mark Anderson, P.E., M.ASCE

  • Yen Nguyen, S.M.ASCE

  • Alyssa Kumnoonsate, P.E., M.ASCE

  • Shane Silsby, P.E., M.ASCE

  • Yosef Osman, S.M.ASCE

  • Sarah Saadeh, S.M.ASCE

  • Kai Kirk, EIT, A.M.ASCE

  • Behishta Abdulsattar, S.M.ASCE

  • Andres Fernandez, S.M.ASCE

  • Brayden Burnes, S.M.ASCE

  • William Huh, S.M.ASCE

  • Andy Khayat, S.M.ASCE

  • Jacob Merioles, S.M.ASCE

  • Jordan Douangmala, EIT, S.M.ASCE

  • Robert Cortez, S.M.ASCE

  • Jeffrey Bearden, S.M.ASCE

  • Timothy Vo, S.M.ASCE

  • Diego Simmonds, S.M.ASCE

  • Kimberly Estabillo, S.M.ASCE

  • Mariana Rocha, S.M.ASCE

  • Nha Nguyen, S.M.ASCE

  • Jiyoon Kim, S.M.ASCE

  • Matthew Brown, S.M.ASCE

  • Olivia Faye, S.M.ASCE

September 2023

  • Michael Montelone, S.M.ASCE

  • Thomas McGrath, S.M.ASCE

  • Andy Nguyen, S.M.ASCE

  • Mohamed Almehy, S.M.ASCE

  • Nicole Faya, S.M.ASCE

  • David Fulivai, S.M.ASCE

  • Vincent Truong, S.M.ASCE

  • August Melschau, S.M.ASCE

  • Alan Cruz, S.M.ASCE

  • Madailein Daza, S.M.ASCE

  • Daisy Flores, S.M.ASCE

  • Riley Mitchell, S.M.ASCE

  • Cedric Perez, S.M.ASCE

  • Jack Coombs, S.M.ASCE

  • Minh Ho, S.M.ASCE

  • Katey Nguyen, S.M.ASCE

  • Almas Jaleel, S.M.ASCE

  • Christine Ramos, S.M.ASCE

  • David Voskanyan, S.M.ASCE

  • Diego Ruvalcaba, S.M.ASCE

  • Angel Delgado-Diaz, S.M.ASCE

  • Julian Gongora, S.M.ASCE

  • Lukas Wong, S.M.ASCE

  • Nathaly Danos, S.M.ASCE

  • Erick Salvador, S.M.ASCE

  • Thomas Murphy, S.M.ASCE

  • Tanner Stivers, S.M.ASCE

  • Thi Dinh, S.M.ASCE

  • Darcy Jacobson, S.M.ASCE

  • Cameron Khan, S.M.ASCE

  • Eugene Lim, S.M.ASCE

  • Emily Hoang, S.M.ASCE

  • Saghar Rafiee, S.M.ASCE


About the Author:

The Membership Committee recruit and retain ASCE Orange County members by offering professional development resources. They're responsible for keeping track of new members, identify the needs of current members, and recommend the development of events/programs for the overall membership. For more information, please contact


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