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ASCE UC Irvine: OC YMF First-Time Home Buyers Hybrid Workshop

ASCE UCI students attend ASCE OC YMF First-Time Homeowners Meeting. The hybrid meeting was held at the Duck Club in Irvine and on Zoom. OC YMF announced their new board and upcoming events. Everyone enjoyed In-N-Out while learning about mortgage lending and the current real estate market with YMF members. Panelists Mina Yasuda, Peter Abdelmesseh, and Tim Anh from the industry thoroughly answered pre-written questions and had an open Q&A. Students were able to network with YMF members and panelists throughout the workshop. After the workshop, students had a lovely stroll in the San Joaquin Marsh. 

ASCE UCI Students Enjoying In-N-Out while Listening to the Panelists

San Joaquin Marsh 


About the Author:

Michelle is an incoming second-year environmental engineering major at UC Irvine and on the ASCE UCI Professional Outreach Committee for the 2023-2024 term. Michelle enjoys visiting national parks and sewing. Michelle plans to get a PhD and is currently in a research lab at UCI.


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