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ASCE CSU Fullerton: Student Chapter Hosts Multiple Events to Kick-Off the School Year

The CSUF Student Chapter hosts a bonfire, scavenger hunt, and paint & sip socials to kick-off the school year for their members!

Bonfire Kick-Off Event Social at Huntington Beach

The ASCE Bonfire Kick-off event was heartwarming and memorable for ASCE members to usher in the new year on a positive note. It was a night filled with camaraderie and an opportunity for members to connect and enjoy each other's company. The primary aim of this event was to kick-start the new semester on a high note, setting a tone of enthusiasm and unity for the months ahead. The gathering brought together a diverse group of ASCE members, including the newly elected CSUF board members, dedicated alumni, and fresh faces eager to join the organization. For these individuals, the event was a chance to break the ice, fostering a sense of belonging from the beginning of the academic year. The crackling fire and shared laughter created an atmosphere of warmth and friendship, setting the stage for a year of collaboration and growth within the ASCE community. This event demonstrated the club's strength and success are deeply rooted in the bonds formed among its members.

ASCE Members Gather Around the Bonfire

Scavenger Hunt Social

This scavenger hunt social was an excellent opportunity for our club's new members to break the ice and establish connections with our board members. In this lively snapshot, our club's Secretary, Montze Arrellano, Membership Chair, Christian Lopez, ICC Representative, Phoebe Truong, and member Philip Barrios enthusiastically joined forces with the new members in a scavenger hunt adventure. This event was a fun and engaging activity and a clever way to foster interaction between the board members and new recruits. It provided an informal and relaxed atmosphere where everyone could let their guard down and enjoy the moment without the pressure of maintaining a strictly professional demeanor. By encouraging our members to unwind and build connections in a more relaxed setting, the event created a sense of camaraderie and belonging. Laughter, teamwork, and the thrill of the hunt brought our members closer together, enabling them to form bonds.

Scavenger Hunt Adventure with ASCE CSUF Members

Paint & Sip Social with ITE

The ASCE's Transportation Sector hosted a delightful "Paint and Sip" event, primarily introducing new members to the board members in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. Attendees were welcomed with pizza and cool glasses of apple cider, which provided an inviting environment for members to come together and enjoy each other's company—the evening commenced with a brief yet informative presentation hosted by ITE's President, Thu Vu. This presentation served as an introduction to the field of transportation engineering and provided an overview of ITE's ambitious plans and goals for the upcoming semester. Attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the organization's mission and how they could actively participate in shaping its future. After the presentation, participants painted their creations, adding a social dimension to the event. The "Paint and Sip" event was an excellent example of how professional organizations like ITE can blend education, socialization, and creativity to create meaningful and enjoyable experiences for their members.

ASCE ITE Board Members Gather with New Members for a Relaxing Paint & Sip Social


About the Author:

Annabelle Talavera is a dedicated senior pursuing a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering at California University of Fullerton. With a strong construction and stormwater inspection background, Annabelle brings practical knowledge to her academic pursuits. In the academic year 2023-2024, she will be taking on the role of historian for the ASCE CSUF student chapter. Outside of her academic and professional endeavors, she enjoys rock climbing, crocheting, and spending time with her friends and family. If you'd like to connect with Annabelle or learn more about her experiences and involvement, she can be reached at


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