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ASCE OC Mentorship Program - 2020-2021 Virtual Game Night

By Lydia Chun, EIT | Mentorship Co-Chair

On February 11, 2021, the ASCE OC Mentorship Program kicked off 2021 strong with some friendly competition at Virtual Game Night - Round 2.

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ASCE OC K-12 Outreach Committee - Heroes Elementary Presentation

By Raul Rodriguez, EIT | K-12 and Internal Activities Co-Chair

This year, our K-12 Committee was invited to Heroes Elementary via Zoom. We gave presentations to students and parents to teach them about the world of civil engineering and inspire future engineers!

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President's Column - Legacies

By Clint Isa, P.E. | 2020-2021 President

Firmly entrenched in the midst of my career and fast approaching my 40th birthday, I have found myself thinking about legacies quite a lot lately.  One of the unique things about being president of the ASCE Orange County Branch is that the position affords the ability to see legacies at various stages of development: ones that have been cemented, ones whose seeds have just been planted, and everything in between.  In the ASCE Orange County Branch, I have noted some excellent examples of each over the past few months.

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ASCE OC University Outreach - 2021 University Outreach Mentorship Virtual End Games

By Janelle Gonzalez, EIT | University Outreach Co-Chair

On March 19, 2021, ASCE OC YMF’s University outreach hosted a Virtual End Games to celebrate the close of the second annual Mentorship Program.

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ASCE OC Sustainability Committee - Infrastructure Report Card and the Sustainable Procurement for Infrastructure Report

By Tonia Wang, P.E., ENV SP | Sustainability Committee Member

The ASCE OC Branch Sustainability Committee hosted a virtual luncheon on Wednesday, April 14, 2021. The event focused on the sustainable and resilient elements of the ASCE Infrastructure Report Card and the Sustainable Procurement for Infrastructure Report.

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