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ASCE OC Geo-Institute – Seismic Design Updates for the California Building Code

By Pavlo Chrysovergis, P.E. | Geo-Institute Chair

The Orange County Geo-Institute Chapter co-hosted an August dinner meeting with CalGeo in Santa Ana featuring a presentation by Dr. David A. Baska of Terracon Consultants. The presentation covered some of the changes that will be implemented in the 2019 California Building Code.

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Newsletter Information

By ASCE OC Publications Committee

The ASCE OC Publications Committee is looking for volunteers!  Do you appreciate documenting the legacy of ASCE and being connected to our key members?  This is a great opportunity to learn the process and broaden your contacts.  We are looking for individuals to volunteer about 4-8 hours per month with assisting in uploading newsletter articles, tracking our events, and learning our internal management software.  Let us know if you are ready to jump-start your ASCE career! Interested in advertising in our newsletter?  Do you have an interesting topic you would like to share?  Trying to get in touch with us?  Please submit all correspondence to the Publications Committee!

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ASCE OC Branch & Geo-Institute - Effects of Earthquakes to California’s Water Distribution System

By Pavlo Chrysovergis, P.E. | Geo-Institute Chair

On July 18, 2019, the Orange County Branch and Geo-Institute co-hosted a luncheon featuring Professor Scott J. Brandenberg of UCLA. Professor Brandenberg discussed an extensive research study on the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta, which included field testing, centrifuge modeling, laboratory testing, development of fragility functions, and development of a system reliability analysis procedure. With Magnitude 6.4 and 7.1 earthquakes occurring in Ridgecrest, California two weeks prior to the luncheon, this topic was particularly relevant to the 90+ local members who attended.

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ASCE OC YMF - Summer Networking Socials

By Jessica Leyva, PE | YMF Networking Social Co-Chair

Throughout the year, ASCE OC YMF hosts many activities and networking social events that offer an opportunity to share food and drink with other young engineers in Orange County. This summer, we had two networking social events in July and September. 

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ASCE OC Branch - Welcome New Members!

By ASCE OC Membership Committee

Please join the Board of Directors in welcoming the newest members to ASCE OC! We look forward to getting to know you and hope to see you at an upcoming event.

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