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ASCE OC Branch - K-12 Engineers Represent at Russell Elementary Career Day

By Janna Lee and Jenny Mital, K-12 Committee When you were in 6th grade, what did you want to be when you grew up? A pilot? A nurse? An athlete? Few people answer “a Civil Engineer.” To make students aware of engineering as a career option, we presented to five 5th and 6th grade classes at Russell Elementary’s first annual Career Day.

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ASCE OC YMF - Speaker Series: The Complete Engineer - Unlocking Your Potential

By Anne Girtz and Guillaume Iradukunda The theme of the 2018 Series was “The Complete Engineer: Unlock Your Potential”. These interactive sessions aimed to provide young professionals insight on the valuable and desirable non-technical skills which can help them “unlock their potential” in the workplace.

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ASCE OC YMF - Illumination Foundation Meal Service Event

By Obie Iloka On April 27th, 2018, the ASCE OC Branch and YMF joined together with the Illumination Foundation to provide a meal service to those at the Recuperative Care Center in Midway City, CA.

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ASCE OC YMF - Mammoth Ski Trip

By Per Tvedt and Michelle Magee-Lopez A successful trip to the mountain does not start when you roll into Mammoth Village, Big Bear or any other resort.

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ASCE OC YMF - Ronald McDonald House - Breakfast Meal Service

By Evelyn Tran Members from ASCE OC Branch and YMF hosted a breakfast meal service on June 16th at the Ronald McDonald House located in the City of Orange.

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