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SEI - Social Event Recap

By: Chad Harden, PE, SE The artistic and creative process present in engineering is not typically discussed or recognized.  However, I think after only a decade of practice one can begin to appreciate the engineering process take on certain characteristics of an “artistic” process.  Truly, there is much appreciation of a deliverable or creation, for a design that resolves economy with responsibility, safety with usefulness, technical excellence with constructability, and cooperation with experience and tradition.

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Secretary's Column - Introduction From Our New Secretary

By: Ramesh Gupta Ph.D, PE I look forward to my participation in the activities of ASCE Orange County as your new secretary. My involvement with ASCE started at the University of Connecticut as a student member and I continued with ASCE activities in Maryland, Connecticut, and California. I was elevated to the status of Life Member on January 1, 2006. I have served in various capacities as a member and officer of The Connecticut Society of Professional Engineers and plan to use my more than 40 years of consulting and research experience in the field of civil engineering in serving as a board member of ASCE Orange County branch. Currently, I am working for Stantec Consulting Services Inc. in Irvine, CA as a senior project manager.

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ASCE OC YMF - Bar Crawl

By: Nestor Godinez OC YMF has hosted an annual wine trip for many years, where several wineries are visited over the course of a day. We thought it a similar event for our 'beer lovers' sounded like a good idea. Thus...the first annual Bar Crawl took place on September 11.

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Law and CE News - EPA Proposes Amendments

By: Collins Collins Muir + Stewart LLP The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has garnered several headlines this year through its activities designed to strengthen its control and enforcement options for what it perceives to be gaps in application of some of the major federal regulatory frameworks such as the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act, among others.  Getting a lot of attention this year was the EPA decision to modify the definition of what constitutes “waters of the United States” under the Clean Water Act.  A significant amount of the attention has been due to a strong voice in opposition to the new definition voiced by many interested parties across many industries.

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K-12 Outreach - IUSD Volunteer Opportunities

By: Kristen N. Winn, Director of STEM Education, Irvine Unified School District As the new Director of STEM Education for Irvine Unified School District (Mark Sontag’s successor), I am writing to ask for your assistance with this year’s science events. The participation of local scientists and science professionals is a powerful, positive message about our dedication to today’s youth and the importance of STEM education. These events are unique and fun opportunities for students and scientists alike and we hope that you will join us in supporting our goal of promoting student interest in STEM in the classroom, career, and beyond.

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