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ASCE OC Branch & YMF - California Coastal Cleanup Day

By Ashlyn Alexander | Community Service Co-Chair

On September 21, 2019, the ASCE OC Branch and YMF joined together to participate in the 35th California Coastal Cleanup Day at the Upper Newport Bay in Newport Beach, California. The Bay receives thousands of pounds of trash that has washed in from surrounding cities, polluting the water, harming wildlife and threatening public health. Therefore, this year, ASCE OC wanted to service the filthier areas such as the Bay and be a part of a team of 1,000 people that typically help with this site.

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ASCE OC YMF - Summer Networking Socials

By Jessica Leyva, PE | YMF Networking Social Co-Chair

Throughout the year, ASCE OC YMF hosts many activities and networking social events that offer an opportunity to share food and drink with other young engineers in Orange County. This summer, we had two networking social events in July and September. 

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ASCE MLAB & OC YMF - Port of Long Beach Harbor Cruise

By Melissa Hilsabeck | YMF Programs Committee Co-Chair

On a wonderfully sunny day in July, OC YMF and the Metropolitan LA Branch jointly hosted a Port of Long Beach harbor cruise. Approximately 70 ASCE members and their families, along with the general public, coasted through the Long Beach Harbor into the Port’s channels. The tour got up close and personal with the crane rail operators at Pier E in Middle Harbor which is part of the Port’s Capital Improvement Program.

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ASCE OC Branch & Geo-Institute - Effects of Earthquakes to California’s Water Distribution System

By Pavlo Chrysovergis, P.E. | Geo-Institute Chair

On July 18, 2019, the Orange County Branch and Geo-Institute co-hosted a luncheon featuring Professor Scott J. Brandenberg of UCLA. Professor Brandenberg discussed an extensive research study on the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta, which included field testing, centrifuge modeling, laboratory testing, development of fragility functions, and development of a system reliability analysis procedure. With Magnitude 6.4 and 7.1 earthquakes occurring in Ridgecrest, California two weeks prior to the luncheon, this topic was particularly relevant to the 90+ local members who attended.

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ASCE OC T&DI & Government Relations Committee - A Panel on SB 1

By Adeleine J. Tran, P.E. | Government Relations Comittee Co-Chair

ASCE Orange County Transportation & Development Institute and Government Relations Committee co-hosted a panel of leading local transportation agencies to promote the positive impacts of new revenue generated through the SB 1 gas tax increase. All agreed that current, and future, surface transportation projects would not be possible without SB 1 funding.

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