Matthew Mendoza

Scholarship Status: Awarded
Scholarship Awarded: Environmental and Water Resources Scholarship
University: California State University, Long Beach
Date of Graduation: December 2020


My name is Matthew Mendoza, I am a 4th year Civil Engineering student at the California State University of Long Beach with a focus in water resources. I chose to study Civil Engineering when I was 17 because, after going on a few mission/service trips, I saw just how bad the need for clean water was in other countries. I see Civil Engineering as a way to help others get access to basic human needs and more, while also creating a society where those resources are available in the best quality/form. Aside from my academic career, I grew up in Long Beach, CA and I have two older sisters. As kids my parents would take us camping every summer, so we quickly developed a love for the outdoors, which turned in to a desire to travel in later years. Now, when I am not in school or working, I spend my time surfing, snowboarding, and camping, or pretty much anything else that will get me out of the house. One of my favorite things about all of these activities is that I get to do them with the people I love. I love interacting with others, and often times through my trips I get to meet new people from all over the world with different stories. I will be putting all of these interests into one large trip this summer, in which I will ride my bike across the United States with a group of 7 other students to raise money for clean water. All the money we raise will be donated to Charity: Water, a non-profit organization that give 100% of it's donations to providing clean water sources all over the globe.

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