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ASCE OC Transportation & Development Institute: OCTA Updates

Updated: Jan 10

ASCE OC T&DI invited Darrell E. Johnson, Chief Executive Officer for the Orange County Transportation Authority, to speak to T&DI regarding current and upcoming OCTA projects.

Mr. Johnson discussed current projects like the I-405 Improvement Project, I-5 South County Improvements, and OC Streetcar. He also provided an overview of Measure M funding, the Next 10 (2023-2032) Plan, and the Long-Range Transportation Plan. Upcoming contract opportunities posted at were also discussed. OCTA focuses on transit and streets, with 57% of the Measure M2 funding going to those programs and 43% allocated toward freeways. The presentation was excellent, and many interesting topics (e.g., alternative energy vehicles, contract delivery procurement methods, etc.) were discussed during the question and answer session.

This in-person event hosted about 35 people at the beautiful Tustin Ranch Golf Course on February 14, 2023. Participants had the opportunity to network with each other and the guest speaker.

T&DI appreciates Mr. Johnson’s willingness to present to ASCE and the attendees who supported the event, and we are looking forward to the “Next 10”!


About the Author:

Akshay Banesh is a structural engineer working in Orange County, CA. He enjoys working with the T&DI Board under the ASCE OC Branch to organize great events for the engineering community.


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