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Dr. Wolfe discussed current projects, like the I-15 Express Lanes Project, and upcoming projects, like the Brightline project. He also discussed the impact of the current VMT metric on starting, funding, and building new highway/street projects in San Bernardino County. He made a compelling case for the transportation industry and local and state agencies to evaluate the needs of every location as it pertains to that location instead of applying a general standard to all cases. For example, compared to adjacent LA and Orange counties, San Bernardino County is in a developmental stage. Therefore, the transportation needs of San Bernardino County are very different for goods and people compared to those of these adjacent counties. He stressed the importance of transportation professionals to play an active part in shaping the decisions that impact the industry's future.

This in-person event, which took place on February 26, 2024, at the beautiful Tustin Ranch Golf Course, was attended by about 40 people. Participants had the opportunity to network with each other and the guest speaker.

T&DI appreciates Dr. Wolfe’s willingness to present to ASCE and the attendees who supported the event!


About the Author:

Akshay Banesh is a structural engineer working in Orange County, CA. He enjoys working with the T&DI Board as the current Vice Chair under the ASCE OC branch, to put on great events for the engineering community. Manasa Vijayakumar is the current Secretary for the T&DI Board, look forward to more updated from her in the upcoming year!


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