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ASCE OC Government Relations: Meet Your Orange County Legislators

ASCE hosted a luncheon at the Tustin Ranch Golf Club on Friday, May 12, to discuss the government's role in infrastructure development in California.

Assemblywoman Laurie Davies and Senator David Min sat down to talk about important issues such as drought conditions and capturing rainwater, electric grid resilience, safety in transit, and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) funding for projects in Orange County. The assemblymen were very gracious in answering questions about specific projects in California and the major issues they are dealing with in 2023.

The event concluded with Steven Anderson presenting Senator David Min with the 2023 ASCE Orange County Award for Legislator of the Year.

ASCE Orange County Meet Your Orange County Legislators - Welcome Poster

Senator David Min, Assemblywoman Laurie Davis, and ASCE OC Government Relations Chair Steven Anderson

Senator David Min receives the 2023 ASCE OC Legislator of the Year Award


About the Author:

Steven Anderson is a Civil Engineer for David Evans and Associates in Tustin, CA. Steve plays tennis in his free time and spends his evenings trying to get his two young children to bed. He can be contacted via email at


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