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ASCE OC ElevateU: Mastering Communication

On September 14, 2023, the ASCE OC YMF Programs Committee hosted the first session of the ElevateU series, Mastering Communication. This workshop brought together a panel of industry professionals who have excelled in their careers through effective communication and strong meeting leadership. Craig Johnson (Huitt-Zollars), Natalie Jensen (AECOM), Meggy Gidula (WSP), and Clint Isa (Diaz-Yourman & Associates) shared their insights, tips, and personal experiences with the young professionals in attendance. 

From left to right, panelists Clint Isa, P.E.; Meggy Gidula, P.E.; Natalie Jensen, P.E.; Craig Johnson, P.E.; ASCE OC Programs Committee Tyler Hodges, P.E.; and Natalie Luna, P.E.

A few topics discussed were communicating to help set realistic expectations and reasonable deadlines, developing practical listening skills, resources or tools to improve presentation skills, and adjusting to virtual communication. Throughout the evening, the discussion between the panelists was seamless, and the dynamic among the panelists sparked conversations that engaged the audience. At the end of the dialogue, there was a breakout activity where the attendees formed a group with each panelist. They were able to discuss what they learned and apply the tips provided. 

The Programs Committee received much positive feedback and looks forward to hosting more events like this to equip young engineers with the essential tools and knowledge to thrive in their professional and personal lives. We also greatly appreciate the help and invaluable contribution of the panelists to make this series possible.


About the Author:

Natalie Luna is a Civil Engineering Associate in the City of Los Angeles and currently serves in both the ASCE OC YMF Programs Committee and University Outreach Committee.


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