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ASCE OC Community Service: California Coastal Cleanup Day

Coastal Cleanup Day is California's largest annual volunteer event. It is an opportunity for people across the state to clean our creeks, rivers, lakes, coast, and shorelines of all kinds to help restore our environment. Virtually every body of water in California ultimately flows to the ocean, and that water can carry a lot of trash. ASCE OC YMF and our volunteers participated by picking up trash at Huntington City Beach. It was rewarding to see how much trash we were able to remove!

Volunteers pose with bags of trash collected during the CA Coastal Cleanup Day 2023


About the Author:

Danny is a Project Engineer at AECOM and is currently working on wastewater treatment plant design, hydraulic modeling, and wastewater conveyance projects. ASCE helped him achieve his goals as a student, and now he volunteers with ASCE OC YMF as a professional to give back and help the next generation of young engineers. He's passionate about helping people in need and volunteers as much as he can to improve his community.


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