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Gregory W. Axten

ASCE Member Since 1973

Gregory W. Axten, PE, M.ASCE was born in Los Angeles, California and currently resides in Tustin, California.  He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in 1972. His fields of specialty include geotechnical, civil, structural and materials engineering.

Mr. Axten is currently employed at American Geotechnical and has worked at Walsh-Forkert Engineering, Pacific Solis Engineering, SE Medall & Associates, and Irvine Consulting Group.  His most significant career achievement was being recognized nationally and internationally for the ability to diagnose and treat difficult Earth-Structure problems.  His other significant career achievements include:

  • Foundation Engineer for the largest deep space antenna proposed by NASA

  • Forensic engineering assessment of 4 major bridge failures in Oregon

  • Numerous major landslide assessments and repairs

  • Lead work on slope creep including desiccation shrinkage and repairs

  • Thousands of expansive soil investigations

  • Leader in the application of geogrid technology to reinforce slopes and construct M.S.E. wall systems

  • Leader in evaluating cracks and deformation in post-tension construction

  • Leader in assessing soil risks, failure mechanisms and treatment options

Mr. Axten’s most significant lifetime achievement was the recognition for innovative thinking and creative solutions.  His other significant professional office/positions held and organizations include:

  • 25 year member of County of Los Angeles board of appeals for matters of soil engineering and geology

  • The Post Tension Institute, slab on grade structural and geotechnical subcommittees

Mr. Axten considers his most gratifying position as being a husband and father and then President and Principal Engineer for American Geotechnical.  He is married to Svetlana and they have two children, Christian and Antone.

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