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ASCE Orange County Branch Past President

1995 - 1996

Alan “Al” Nestlinger

AI Nestlinger. P.E was Chief of Hydrology with the Orange County Environmental Management Agency. He has been a member of the Orange County Branch since 1970.  He has served the L.A. Section as chairman of the Hydrology and Hydraulics Technical Group. chairman of the Technical Group Committee and served on the Policy, Procedures and By-Laws Committee.  Al was given the "Outstanding Engineering Merit Award" in 1987 by the Orange County Branch and the "Engineering Merit Award" in 1988 by the Orange County Engineering Council recognizing his contributions to the Orange County Hydrology Manual.  In 1989 he received the "Nason Achievement Award" from the West Coast University Alumni Association recognizing his contributions to the engineering community.  In 1995 he was elected to fellowship In the Institute for the Advancement of Engineering.  Al received his Bachelors Degree In Applied Physics at West Coast University.  Masters Degree In Public Administration at California State University. Fullerton and a Certificate in Engineering Management from UCI.

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