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Structural Engineering Project

Poche Beach Walkway Replacement

Orange County Parks

The purpose of this project was to replace a walkway under a rail line that connects Pacific Coast Highway to Poche Beach. The walkway is occasionally submerged, which resulted in corrosion to the walkway supporting members. The project required walkway inspection, the development of a replacement strategy, permitting, and coordination with the Local Coastal Commission. The timing was fortuitous: Following the initial inspection, a few rainy days caused the structure to be submerged and corrosion accelerated rapidly. The walkway was shutdown to pedestrian traffic, cutting off access to this popular surfing beach. The team worked quickly to expedite completion of the replacement plans, obtain the necessary permits, and replace the walkway with corrosion-resistant elements. The walkway was re-opened to pedestrian traffic, restoring access to Poche Beach and will continue to serve the community for many years to come.

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