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Community Improvement Project

West Balboa Island Undergrounding

AD-113, City of Newport Beach

The property owners on West Balboa Island between North Bay Front, South Bay Front and Agate Avenue submitted a petition requesting the formation of an underground utility assessment district which was certified by City Council in February 2017. Subsequently, an Engineer’s Report was prepared and approved by City Council and the District was formed after property owners voted over 60% in favor of establishing the District and funding the utility undergrounding improvements in November 2018. The estimated project cost was $6,200,000. Improvements include the removal of all existing overhead utilities including electric, cable television and telephone poles and wires, and placing the wires in underground conduit for 215 properties. This involves trenching, laying conduit lines, installing new utility vaults, backfilling, street and alley reconstruction and removing the overhead poles and wires. Undergrounding the overhead utilities improves aesthetics, safety and reliability of power and communication lines for the community. The success of this project is a direct result of the close coordination between the City of Newport Beach, three utility companies, property owners, affected business and the Balboa Island community.

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