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Tom Broz’s career has been focused on taking projects from “cradle-to-grave” through the use of multiple project delivery methods including design/bid/build, design/build, design/CM, PM/CM as agent, and PM/CM multiple prime. Many of these projects that Tom has worked on have been recognized by various professional engineering and construction organizations as being noteworthy projects and have received awards for such achievement. Tom’s projects have ranged the gamut of size and type and have included multi-billion dollar nuclear power generating facilities to local public agency projects with construction costs less than a million dollars. Tom has worked on power generation and distribution facilities, water storage and transmission facilities, industrial process facilities, alternate energy facilities, high tech research facilities supporting manned space flight, commercial and public buildings, and infrastructure projects including roads, bridges, and underground wet and dry utilities. Throughout his career, despite advancing through the management ranks, Tom has never left his roots and continues to this day to be a hands-on project manager.



Lifetime Achievement Award

Thomas A. Broz, PE, SE, F.ASCE, F.SEI


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