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Structural Engineering Project

South Coast Water District Sunset Avenue Roadway Restoration

Structural Engineering Project

On March 5, 2023, before dawn a slope failure occurred adjacent to Sunset Avenue between 10th and 11th Avenue in the city of Laguna Beach taking with it a portion of the roadway, utilities below the roadway, and a luxury SUV parked on the slope side of the road. Numerous homes were impacted, and a residential street was closed. South Coast Water District and GMU Engineers and Geologists (GMU) teamed up for the emergency response and repair.

GMU was retained by South Coast Water District to provide comprehensive services including geotechnical, structural, and civil engineering to prepare repair plans. Drill Tech served as the prime contractor for the repair, with GMU providing the geotechnical and special inspection services.   


GMU Engineers and Geologists completed the following tasks: 

  • Emergency Site Assessment

  • Geotechnical Investigation and Repair Recommendations Report

  • Geotechnical Investigation

  • Lab Testing

  • Slope Stability Analysis

  • Pile Analysis

  • Asphalt Pavement Design

  • Permanent Shoring Wall Design parameters

  • Civil Design / Civil Plans

  • Geotechnical Map and Sections

  • Site Demolition Plans

  • Site Grading Plans

  • Street Restoration Plans & Sections

  • Structural Analysis and Structural Plans

  • CIDH Reinforced Concrete Caissons

  • Shotcrete Wall Face

  • Construction Observation and Testing, (Geotechnical)

  • Registered Special Inspections, (Structural)

  • Construction Management Services

  • Final Report at Project Completion  


With a streamlined operation and a “one-stop-shop” approach, GMU Engineers and Geologists were able to provide a quick turnaround from investigation to remediation design to construction for this emergency repair. In less than 2 months our investigation and design recommendations report were completed from initial investigation to lab testing to report preparation and agency review. In another month we had structural plans and calculations completed and sent off for agency review. The expedited emergency services enabled the repair to be completed in a fraction of the time.

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