Hernan Lozada

Scholarship Status: Awarded NA
Scholarship Awarded: Achievement Scholarship
University: California State University Long Beach
Date of Graduation: May 2016


John Steinback wrote, “I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and that there are as few as there are any other great artists. Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.” Civil engineering is more than a major. It has become my mentor for it shaped me to become the person I am. My appreciation for choosing civil engineering will only continue to grow as I age. It can only teach me more with the sky literally being the limit. That being said I will continue to strive higher, work harder and think smarter. With the world as my canvas I will continue to implement the ideas implanted into me by ASCE. No one bats an eye when they walk into the 50th floor of a building, turn on the faucet to their sink or drive on asphalt. Civil Engineering is everywhere, yet many are too blind to see it. One look at my surroundings and I am filled with pride and admiration. From the retaining walls along hillside roads to standing on a 2-story building, no project is too miniscule or any less important. Each of these projects requires the hard work of a Civil Engineer. That being said, I am well aware of the passion, determination and humility required to accomplish these engineering feats. Naturally with such high standards for professionals, morals are surely to follow. Totems like the ASCE order of the engineer, ring, are a reminder of the ethics that every engineer should uphold. These traits remind of the everyday heroes that I used to learn about in elementary. I am honored to step on the shoulders of these giants. Working on ASCE student projects like the concrete canoe and environmental filtration project, I have gained a better understanding of the process of projects. From design to construction, teamwork is essential to producing a high quality product. Many believe that engineers are some of the most awkward introvert people alive. This has been proven wrong again and again with each experience. These projects lead me to believe that not only are we a social breed but a humble one as well. Naturally, working with a team I’ve learned to fight for my idea or back down to a better one. The mutual understanding being, what is better for the project? Our blood, sweat and tears have been put into these projects literally and figuratively. Not only does this create a better relationship in an occupational sense but friendship was strengthened as well. Aside from projects I’ve taken up leadership positions within the ASCE CSULB chapter. My sophomore year I was the Webmaster, I created the club’s website, operated the eventbrite page and installed all the officer emails on the officer’s computers. My junior year I was academic chair, I implemented the mentor and mentee program, scheduled technical workshops and mock-interviews. This current year I’m the vice president; aside from updating OCYMF and OC-branch about the club activities I also spearheaded various events by organizing and managing them. Naturally being so involved with ASCE I attended almost every event. It seemed like I was in every ASCE picture. Just this past June I achieved what seemed to be impossible my sophomore year of college, an internship. Through ASCE my grades went up, my resume grew dramatically and my interviewing skills grew stronger with every mock –interview. All of my efforts with ASCE paid off, it took everything I’ve gained from ASCE to obtain this internship. Since I began working I have worked on takeoffs, time & materials sheets, progress payments, and many other aspects that are not taught in a classroom. It seems that the learning curve continues to grow, but with the support I have from my peers I feel more than capable of completing the tasks given to me. One aspect I never thought of when it came to choosing my profession was the culture of my environment. As I progressed through my career I’ve learned that the majority of my business community consists of very friendly welcoming people. Anytime that I required assistance everyone was more that willing to lend me a hand. While I was touring engineering offices, the employees seemed to be cheerful and enthusiastic to share their knowledge and experience from their office. This attitude did not change outside of the office. Professionals continued to mentor me outside of civil engineering. They have given me life lessons ranging from relationships to family matters. I can honestly say that these strangers have become close friends. It becomes harder and harder to express my appreciation for ASCE. My friend’s tattoo says, “always see beauty.” Since I’ve been involved in ASCE I can honestly say that this quote stays true to my beliefs. Civil Engineering can be seen all around you and civil engineering is beautiful. I have found a community that accepts me and encourages me to strive for more. Civil Engineering has shown me how to grow as a professional and a human. It is not a cutthroat business that creates enemies but an uplifting environment that helps one another grow. This support is what gives our profession the power to have an impact on society. From sustainability to environmentalism, we push to serve the improvement of the world.

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