Orange County Branch Newsletter

October 2016

Younger Member Forum

YMF - Paintball Event

By Ryan Hankes

On May 28, OC YMF hosted an event that has not been conducted in years, a day of paintballing!  It was held at the vibrant and challenging course at SC Village in Corona.  People from all connections showed up, the student chapters, the OC YMF branch, and even members from other YMF branches.  There was a large enough group to have a our own private ref and courses closed off to just us.  This was very valuable considering we would of been placed with the general public if we didn't have a large enough group, and a lot of the general public people were really good.  Most of us were beginners or have only done it once or twice before, so we were for the most part on the same page of skill level.

We got to meet new people, get a good work out, and left with a few battle bruises!  It was a fun event and I hope we have another one like in the future.  Next time I am going to bring my GoPro so I can record the realistic action! Cant' wait!