Orange County Branch Newsletter

September 2015


ASCE OC YMF - General Meeting: Meet the Board at Irvine Lampost

By: Daniela Malott  and Amanda Heise

On Tuesday July 21st YMF about 35 members and the board got together at the Lampost in Irvine for a fun Pizza night after work. The July General Meeting was an extra special event for attendees to meet the OC YMF board members and find ways to get involved in the organization for the coming year. As ASCE OC YMF continues to grow one of the main goals as a group is to continuously provide members opportunities for involvement to grow and develop their careers and to increase involvement with YMF. A majority of the board members were in attendance to answer questions about their path and involvement in ASCE in hopes of inspiring others to take on new roles this coming year. This was a great opportunity for people to understand what we do as a board and what our ideas and goals are for next year. There was a great turn out with a lot of new faces, if you missed this event but are still interested in OC YMF, the monthly general meetings and board meetings are open to everyone and a great place to start!


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