Orange County Branch Newsletter

October 2016

Younger Member Forum

YMF - Friends and Family Picnic

By: Remi Candaele

Grateful of the many accomplishments of our forum over the years, a family recognition BBQ was held at the Huntington Beach Central Park to just thank our talented YMF members for their contributions. Family members were invited in an effort to understand the motivations of our board members that dedicate their time outside of the office to our YMF: the satisfaction to educate our local communities on civil engineering, the passion to foster the next generation of civil engineers, and most importantly the opportunity to build friendships. More than 20 people took part of a fun afternoon, entertained by friendly matches of badminton. Feedback from the attendees was stellar and it is expected that our YMF will host many more family recognition BBQs. The YMF executive board would like to thank all its members and their respective families for their continuous support: you all are the foundation to the greatness of our organization!

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