Orange County Branch Newsletter

March 2016

Treasurer's Column


By Gregory Henk, PE, DBIA, Ret

By: Greg Henk, PE, DBIA, Ret.


Treasurer’s Report

I, my wife Robyn along with Jenny Mital and Adrian Cortez (ASCE-YMF) celebrated Engineers Week at Castille Elementary School (Capo District).  We started with an overview of what a Civil Engineer is and what we do (including oohs & aahs from the kids), followed by student construction of Lego “towers” and an exercise in earthquake testing of the towers.  We had over 100 2nd graders (my daughter Michelle is one of the teachers) and nearly 100 3rd graders (my grandson is one of the students).  Jenny and Adrian did a fantastic job of helping the students build their towers and making the shake-testing of the towers the highlight of the day.  The students learned a lot, including how important is it to work together (not a bad lesson for a second/third grader).  If you have an elementary school age child, check with their school to see if they would like a similar presentation (take about 90 minutes).  [Picture Below]

Also, for personal reasons, I have stepped down as Treasurer of the Branch.  It has been a pleasure and honor to serve the Branch as Secretary and Treasurer over the last two years.  Our membership is really well served by their leadership (Board members, Committee Chairs and Volunteers/Participants).  They are quite dedicated to making your Branch the best in the US and I think they have succeeded!





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