Orange County Branch Newsletter

January 2016

K-12 Outreach

SteppingUp Career Day

By: Amy Choi

SteppingUp, a non-profit organization under the Orange County Community Housing Corporation, hosted a career fair for middle school and high school students, as well as, for those looking to go back to school. ASCE YMF was invited to represent the field of engineering. On Saturday, October 17th, Amy Choi spoke with several ambitious middle school students who were eager to learn more about what civil engineers do. She also talked to several adults who were thinking about going back to school and getting an engineering degree. She encouraged those who loved math and science to consider the field of engineering as a career option. After the career fair, Amy held mock interviews with the middle school students. She was asked to provide feedback to the students and select the ideal candidate for a mock CEO position. Many of the students were nervous to do their very first interview, but there were a couple of familiar faces that Amy knew from the previous year’s mock interview. All the students did an excellent job and had even created their own resumes to highlight many of their extracurricular activities they do at school. She even saw huge improvements of students who she had interviewed previously. It was a fun and wonderful time to inspire students from all of Orange County and to discuss how important engineering is to build the infrastructure around us.

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