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August 2015

Mentorship Committee

The Mentorship Committee is accepting applications for the 2015-2016 Mentorship Program

The ASCE OC Mentorship Program is proud to announce open enrollment  for the 2015-2016 Mentorship Program. The ASCE OC Mentorship program seeks to provide guidance for younger engineers while providing experienced engineers an opportunity to pass on their lessons learned and give back to the civil engineering profession.  The first year of the program has been a successful one with plenty of positive feedback from our current mentors and protégés. Please keep in mind that there are a limited number of spots and as a result not all applicants will be selected.

Mentorship Program Flyer

"[My mentor] has great insights into the industry and offers a valuable perspective on industry trends and organizations."

"He has helped give me some insight into how public agencies work, and I've been coaching him on how to evaluate and plan for starting a business in the engineering and construction field. I think this is a positive experience and a great program.  If other professions had mentoring programs like this, I think the nation would benefit as a whole."

"I never realized how much I could learn from the younger mind of my protégé. It's true when they say that the teacher can learn more than the student."

"Through this program, I have not only gained a professional mentor, but a great personal friend."

Please fill out the survey if you are interested in applying for the program!

Mentorship Program Brochure

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Mentorship Committee or visit our webpage .


ASCE OC Mentorship Committee

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