Orange County Branch Newsletter

August 2018

ASCE OC Younger Members Forum

Illumination Foundation Meal Service Event

By Obie Iloka

On April 27th, 2018, the ASCE OC Branch and YMF joined together with the Illumination Foundation to provide a meal service to those at the Recuperative Care Center in Midway City, CA. The Recuperative Care Center is a 24-hour shelter for homeless individuals who have been recently discharged from a local hospital and are recovering from various medical conditions with no place to go. During our community service event, we catered a full course meal for them. On the menu, we had Vietnamese fried rice, banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches), egg rolls, fresh fruit, and cookies for dessert for the entire shelter. After dinner, we played a few rounds of Bingo and gave out prizes to add some fun to their Friday evening. It was so wonderful to see the smiles on their faces throughout the evening.

It really warmed our hearts being able to do something so meaningful for the people at the Recuperative Care Center and for those around us. We love that we are a part of an organization like ASCE, whose purpose is to uplift, support, and to be positive influences on those in our community. We truly had a blast during this meal service event and would love to do this again in the future. We look forward to the next community outreach events to come!