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December 2014

ASCE OC Awards

ASCE OC Branch 2013-2014 Awards Call for Nominations

The Orange County Branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers is now accepting nominations. The due date is Monday, December 29, 2014. Please consider nominating a candidate or a project as soon as possible. Your project must be located in, or partially within, Orange County. However, if your project is not located within Orange County consider nominating the project manager or project engineer for an individual award. The individuals nominated need to live or work within Orange County.  Individual awards wil be conferred in the following categories:

Individual Awards
•         Civil Engineer of the Year
•         Distinguished Engineering Educator
•         Excellence in Engineering Journalism
•         Government Engineer of Merit
•         Government Engineer of the Year
•         Land Development Engineer of the Year
•         Lifetime Achievement in Civil Engineering
•         Young Engineer of the Year
•         Outstanding Life Member
•         Excellence in Promotion of Infrastructure
•         Outstanding Civil Engineer in Community Service
•         Outstanding Civil Engineer in Legislative Activities

Project awards are conferred in the categories below.  Often there are categories that don't recieve nominations. Please select all categories you believe apply to the project. Also don't focus too much on the size of the project. In some cases the categories are by nature small projects. Please use the "other" category if your project still doesn't fit into one of the categories. Our goal is to make sure Orange County is well represented at the Los Angeles Section and Region 9 awards and you have to win a branch award to be nominiated for a section and region award.

Project Awards
•         Airports & Ports Project
•         Parks & Recreation Project
•         Architectural Engineering Project
•         Roadway & Highway Project
•         Bikeways & Trails Project
•         Small Project
•         Bridge Project
•         Structural Engineering Project
•         Community Improvement Project
•         Sustainable Engineering Project
•         Construction Project
•         Transportation Project
•         Energy Project
•         Urban or Land Development Project
•         Environmental Engineering Project
•         Water Project
•         Flood Management Project
•         Water/Wastewater Treatment Project
•         Geotechnical Project
•         Historical Renovation Project
•         Other

Here are the direct links to each nomination form:
Individuals -
Projects -
If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to call or email me.
Tapas Dutta, P.E.
Awards/Nomination Committee Chair
ASCE Orange County Branch
Tel: (949) 278-7748

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