Orange County Branch Newsletter

March 2018

ASCE OC YMF and Society of Women Engineers Joint Event

Leisa Reid - "Creating a Winning Mindset"

By Josue Candelario, YMF Programs Chair

People are creatures of habit. Five days out of the week, we wake up, go to our office, work throughout the day, come home, and repeat the next day. After doing it for so long it is no wonder we repeat things like parking in the same spot every day, or always sitting in the same chair in the meeting room. Now ask yourself why you do that? The answer lies in your subconscious ways of thinking and is the basis for Leisa Reid’s presentation called “Creating a Winning Mindset.” This event helped engineers reflect on their current goals and highlight the thought processes that are holding them back.  

The human mind has thirty thoughts per second which adds up to about 2.6 million thoughts per day. Ten percent of these thoughts are conscious and ninety percent are subconscious. Leisa explained the importance of having your conscious and subconscious thoughts aligned to reach your goals. For example, you may want to be a great public speaker, but you are a nervous wreck when speaking in front of people. The uneasiness your body feels when speaking aloud is connected to something that has been embedded into your head. You may want to have a great presentation consciously but your subconscious mind has already decided to retreat and protect itself. The important part of overcoming this feeling is catching the negative thoughts at that moment and reflecting on why these thoughts come into your head. Through this practice you will find the root of the problem and that is when you can begin to overcome yourself.

This was another great event hosted by OC SWE and ASCE OC YMF. It was refreshing to see so many engineers looking to improve on themselves. We are looking forward to working with OC SWE on future events and would like to thank Leisa Reid for doing a wonderful presentation.

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