Orange County Branch Newsletter

May 2019


Saint Patrick's Day Bar Crawl

By Jessica Leyva, PE | Internal Activities Co-Chair

In March, OC YMF hosted one of their quarterly bar crawls in Huntington Beach. Since all of the bar crawls must have a theme, this bar crawl, or pub crawl, celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day. The crawl began with the group meeting at the Irishman Pub. Here, YMF members and friends could start off with their first Irish drink and begin the night of mingling and good times. Once everyone reached the meet-up location and began socializing, it was on to the next bar. The second bar was Killarney’s Pub, also an Irish-themed bar. Here, the bar also offered a varietal of Irish drinks, games like shuffleboard and Connect 4, and plenty of space for our group of about 40 people. Yes, 40 people attended this pub crawl through Huntington Beach, all wearing festive, green outfits and some even in kilts. With the festivities, still in full swing, we travelled the third and final bar, a crowd favorite in Huntington Beach, Huntington Beach Beer Company. Although not Irish, this bar still provided our group a great time with drinks, dancing and memories. Although there were no rainbows, many of us made a pot of gold’s worth of friendships and new acquaintances.

About the Author

Jessica Leyva, PE, is a civil engineer at Michael Baker International in Orange County, CA. When she's not writing articles for ASCE OC or working as an engineer, she can be found running, skiing or hanging by the beach. Jessica can be contacted at or LinkedIn.

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