Orange County Branch Newsletter

March 2020


Pump It Up for Platelets 5K Run

By Nestor Godinez, P.E. | WRYMC 2021 Co-Chair

ASCE Orange County had the great pleasure to participate and volunteer for the 8th Annual Pump It Up For Platelets 5K on November 9, 2019 at the William R. Mason Regional Park.  The annual 5K is aimed at raising awareness about Immune Thrombocytopenia, better known as ITP.  ITP is a rare autoimmune disorder where the body mounts an attack against its platelets.  Platelets are what cause blood to clot when there is an open wound and an individual without a normal platelet count is easily susceptible to random bruising and internal bleeding.  ITP affects 10 times as many people as hemophilia yet is not as well known by the general public.  The Pump It Up For Platelets 5K was hosted by the Platelet Disorder Support Association (donations are always welcomed).  ASCE OC YMF President-Elect, Melissa Hilsabeck, has been the lead organizer for the 5K for several years.  Melissa was herself diagnosed with ITP while in college and has since been an advocate for spreading awareness about ITP and, more importantly, being part of the support community for those with ITP and their families.  Read Melissa’s own story along with others here.  The event featured the 5K around the park, good food, raffles, inspiring stories, and community.  The event was a large success with over $7,000 raised for ITP.

About the Author

Nestor is an Associate Engineer at SLR International Corporation. Nestor received his B.S. from UC Irvine and his M.S. from CSU Fullerton. Nestor joined OC YMF to further develop his professional network of his peers.


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