Orange County Branch Newsletter

June 2021


February Game Night

By Raul Rodriguez, EIT | K-12 and Internal Activities Co-Chair

On Thursday, February 25th, ASCE OC YMF hosted another fun social event for our members to connect. Our members met together virtually via Zoom on where we gathered around a virtual campfire. We started off the night with fun icebreaker games in our campfire, taking turns in the hot seat and answering fun questions about ourselves. Next, we played Draw Battle where we were split up into two teams. One person on each team was assigned as the drawer and both were given a word to draw. The first team to guess the word based on their teammates drawing won. We quickly realized why we all decided to major in engineering based on the quality of our drawings! We finished up the night playing Codewords, which is a team-based word connection game like the board game Codenames. Overall, we had a fun time playing these games and look forward to the next event.

About the Author

Raul Rodriguez is a roadway engineer at HNTB. He has been involved in YMF since he graduated from UCI in 2019. He enjoys playing soccer on weekends, watching movies with his family, or a good board game (Citadels is his favorite).


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