Orange County Branch Newsletter

September 2015


ASCE OC YMF Annual Basketball Tournament

By: Nestor Godinez

The 8th annual ASCE OC YMF 2015 Basketball tournament was held on Saturday June 20, 2015.  The Basketball Tournament is a very popular tradition that pits teams against each other in competitive yet friendly 3-on-3 half court basketball.  Some companies field a team every single year.  Eight teams of a maximum of four members from local engineering companies and ASCE university student chapters consisted of both male and female players.  This year’s tournament was held on a bright and sunny afternoon on the outdoor courts in Centennial Park in Santa Ana.  Teams were divided into two groups of 4 and played a round robin with the teams in their groups.  Every team played a minimum of three games with the first and second seed teams of each group moving onto the semifinals.  In the end, the team from Kimley-Horn was crowned champion.  This is their second championship in three years of competing.

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