Orange County Branch Newsletter

May 2019

ASCE OC & OC Rescue Mission

Laurel House Construction

By Ashlyn Alexander | Community Service Co-Chair

On May 11, 2019, ASCE OC volunteered for the Orange County Laurel House organization where we helped with the demolition of an old home to prepare for the renovations for their new home for at-risk, homeless or runaway teenage boys. In addition, ASCE OC also hosted a “Spring Cleaning” clothing drive for the month of May and will be donating items to the homes! The Laurel House is the only teen home shelter of its kind that provides long term care to ensure success and it was great to work with their construction team to get going on the new home.

The Laurel House provided all the safety gear and tools necessary and the leads had quite a few tasks throughout the home to do. The duties ranged from ripping out the walls down to their foundation in all the rooms to clearing out debris from previous demolition projects onto their fresh dumpster. Each task required teamwork to figure out the safest and efficient way to take down the walls because there were a lot of nails and wall trims at the top that needed to be taken down before the walls could be done. Once everyone got the rhythm going, the walls and wood planks were literally being ripped out at a great pace! Volunteers described the work as fun, satisfying and a nice destresser after a long week. We look forward to seeing the new home and more opportunities to help the Laurel House programs.

For more information about The Laurel House, visit!

Thank you to our volunteers (L to R): Dana Robertson, Ashlyn Alexander, Adrianna Lundberg, Adeleine Tran, Evelyn Tran, Gabriela Ruiz, Esmeralda Briseño, Nestor Godinez, and Joseph Huynh.

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