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July 2020

ASCE OC Mentorship Program

First Pilot Mid-Year Check-In A Success!

By Lydia Chun, EIT | Mentorship Committee Member

On May 6, 2020, the ASCE OC Mentorship Program successfully held its first ever pilot Zoom meeting for its Mid-Year Check-in event. There were 37 total participants in attendance for this virtual meeting. The themes for this meeting were “Bridging the Generational Gap” with guest speaker Rob Himes and “Adaptation in Times of Crisis” with guest speaker Nadia Mugisha.

Prior to the meeting, the Mentorship Committee sent two questionnaires to the program participants with a series of questions pertaining to the theme topics. Rob used the answers from the questionnaires to explain diversity within the workplace, highlight the differences between the age groups, and touch upon how we can all overcome these differences. Following Rob’s presentation was a friendly game of Family Feud!

Nadia further expanded on answers from the questionnaires and spoke on how people in general can adapt to times of crisis, including staying motivated, focusing on the big picture, and practicing self-care. In addition, the Mentorship Program also accepted voluntary donations for Shields for Nurses, a group created by ASCE LA YMF’s President Brian Phan which 3D prints PPE shields and distributes them to hospitals in the OC and LA counties. The Mentorship Program alone raised up to $300!

For more information about the Mentorship Program, click the following link:

About the Author

Lydia Chun is an Associate Traffic Engineer at Iteris, Inc. She is a UCI alumni and previous participant in the Mentorship Program. She enjoys the outdoors and watches too many cat videos online. Lydia can be contacted at or via LinkedIn.


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