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December 2020

ASCE OC Mentorship Program

2020-2021 Mentorship Program Kick-off Pair Reveal Event!

By Lydia Chun, EIT | Mentorship Co-Chair

On November 11th, 2020, the ASCE OC Mentorship Program began the year with the virtual Kick-off Pair Reveal Event. Participants attended a series of virtual speed interviews between September 30th to October 1st where they conversed with every mentor/mentee to select their preference for the year. The program has a total of 25 participants this year.

The event began with an icebreaker activity where mentors were provided with a trivia question and mentees were provided with an answer. The goal of the activity was to find your corresponding question/answer. Once all was revealed, each pair was then placed into private Zoom Breakout Rooms to discuss goals and visions for the upcoming year.

At the end of the event, participants were given a feedback survey to anonymously provide thoughts and suggestions for improvement. The average rating received for the event was 4.6/5!

Interested in being a mentor or protégé? Check out our page for when the applications are open and see the previous years’ events!

About the Author

Lydia Chun is an Associate Traffic Engineer at Iteris, Inc. She is a UCI alumnus and previous participant in the Mentorship Program. She enjoys the outdoors and watches too many cat videos online. Lydia can be contacted at or via LinkedIn.


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