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April 2018

ASCE OC Branch Anouncements

Upcoming Election

The Orange County Branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is pleased to extend this call for nominations for our upcoming Board of Director elections, which will be held this summer.  The following Branch board positions are up for election for service that will begin in Fall 2018:

  • President-Elect
  • Treasurer

The position of President-Elect carries a three-year term (2018 through 2021) that includes subsequent transitions into one-year positions as President and Past President, while the Treasurer position carries a two-year term (2018 through 2020) with no subsequent obligations.  Each of the available Branch board positions offers an exciting opportunity to engage with and serve one of the most active and successful branches in the nation.  You will also have the benefit of working alongside our current Branch President, President-Elect, and Secretary, each of whom will continue their service for the next one to two years.  The President-Elect and Treasurer positions offer varying degrees of responsibility, so roles are available for those interested in leading our branch regardless of commitment level. 

Members of the ASCE Orange County Board of Directors frequently continue their service in higher positions within ASCE, including Los Angeles Section President, California Regional Governor, and Society President, so this is an excellent chance for anyone looking to accelerate their ASCE career.  If you think that you or someone you know would be well-suited to either of the two available board positions, please use the following link to submit your nomination by May 4, 2018:

For more information regarding the election process and the responsibilities of the respective board positions, please contact the ASCE Orange County Branch at  We look forward to receiving your nominations.

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