Orange County Branch Newsletter

September 2022


OCPW Update

By Charlotte Wu, PE, ENV SP, STP | T&DI - Secretary

ASCE OC T&DI invited Nardy Khan, Deputy Director of OC Infrastructure Programs for Orange County Public Works (OCPW), to speak to T&DI regarding 7-Year CIP and upcoming projects.

The 7-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) includes a total of 1.2 billion dollars, covering five districts in Orange County. This includes 370 million dollars for flood control, 318 million dollars for roads, 92 million dollars for bikes, and 420 million dollars for maintenance programs. Each CIP project is ranked according to a priority, from the first being a risk to public health, safety, property, and environment to the second being deficiencies due to studies, reports, inspections, MPAH classification improvements, regional connectivity, and gap closures to last being grant leveraging, mitigation projects, corporative projects. For more information regarding the 7-Year Capital Improvement Program, see the link here.

Upcoming road and bridge projects utilizing on-call design contracts add up to a total of 84 million dollars, while 194 million dollars worth of projects will come out with RFPs. For flood control projects, 22 million will go through on-contract, 211 million will utilize design-build, and 117 million will come out with RFPs. For bike projects, 67 million will come out with RFPs.

This virtual event allowed all participants to network over 10 minutes in multiple breakout rooms. While everyone got to participate in the breakout room discussion, only the event sponsors had an opportunity to speak to the guest speakers in the sponsors’ breakout room. Thank you to our speaker Ms. Khan for joining us, and thank you to all the sponsors for sponsoring this event (Advanced Drainage System and Pacific GeoSource.) We had almost 60 participants and had a rigorous discussion during Q/A.

About the Author:

Charlotte Wu is a Transportation Engineer with AECOM. Charlotte is passionate about designing transportation projects that improve the quality of life while maintaining a balanced and sustainable community. Outside of work, she enjoys outdoor activities such as running, snowboarding, and riding a motorcycle. Charlotte can be contacted at


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