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January 2022

ASCE OC Community Service

ASCE OC Community Service - Vineyard Anaheim Food Pantry

By Joseph Huynh, EIT | Community Service Co-Chair

On the morning of Saturday December 18th, 2021, a group of 8 ASCE OC Members partnered with Vineyard Anaheim to provide over 450 families with fresh groceries and produce for the week at the Brookhurst Community Center, in Anaheim, CA. Since the program’s inception at the beginning of the pandemic, Vineyard Anaheim’s Compassion program has been able to feed over 2.5 million families fresh produce and groceries every week.

This is made possible through the efforts of over 50 community partners. To name a few, The City of Anaheim, Second Harvest Food Bank, and Amazon Fresh. Amazon Fresh donates over 10,000 pounds of fresh produce a week, while Vineyard Anaheim has several distributions throughout the week. If you would like to learn more about Vineyard Anaheim’s Compassion program check out

ASCE OC Community Service has partnered with Vineyard Anaheim since March of 2021, and to-date has helped provide over 17,000 families with fresh groceries and produce at the Saturday Brookhurst Community Center, in Anaheim, CA. If you would like to participate in this cause, learn more at the compassion page or feel free to e-mail ASCE OC Community Service Co-Chair, Joseph Huynh at to learn more about how you could help.

The City of Anaheim provides tables and canopies, so that volunteers can place the donated food onto tables. Then volunteers take a cart and go “grocery shopping”.

Cars line up, and each volunteer takes their cart with groceries to the cars in line and loaders serve them.

A happy Hussam, as he serves the community in need!

However, if you happen to not have a vehicle, there are walk-up stations to receive food too!

Members from the ASCE OC Community Service group after serving over 450 families. Thank you for attending!

About the Author:

Joseph Huynh is a Geotechnical Engineer-in-Training at A3GEO, Inc. As ASCE OC Community Service Co-Chair, he enjoys community service, empowering others through servant leadership, and being open minded to new ideas. If you have any community service ideas, or would like to get involved with the Community Service Committee, feel free to contact Joseph at or on at


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