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January 2022

ASCE OC Communications Committee

ASCE OC Communications Committee - Getting To Know YMF in 2021

By Marionne Lapitan, EIT | Communications Committee Co-Chair

In 2021, the Communications Committee introduced "Get to Know YMF," a social media series that recognizes our Younger Member Forum (YMF) members' lives beyond ASCE and engineering by sharing their hobbies, dreams, favorite childhood memories, memorable experiences, bucket list items, and many more, with a fun photo! It is in an effort to encourage more members to attend our monthly meetings and highlight the personalities behind the creativity and passions of our ASCE OC YMF events and programs.

Get to Know YMF Social Media Series Fun Photo Submissions

Some highlights from the series are as follows,

In February 2021, Alex Lin shared his favorite quarantine hobby of playing MahJong. While Darlyn Hernandez revealed, her dream travel destination is Scotland. Danny Mejia also shared his favorite quote by Neil deGrasse Tyson, "there is no greater education than one that is self-driven." Very inspirational!

In March, we also learned that Kayla Kilgo's dream dinner guest is Amelia Earhart, Joseph Huynh's favorite place he's traveled to is Mexico City, and Gaby Gonzalez's favorite weekend hobby is baking or hiking. How about hiking while baking? An ultimate hobby!

In April, Luis Manzo shared the fictional place he’d like to visit, Pandora (from the “Avatar” movie). While Nestor Godinez’ hidden talent is playing the clarinet, and Lydia Chun’s dream superpower is teleportation! Goodbye traffic!

May 2021 gave us insight into Camille Le’s outstanding features in her dream house: an edible backyard garden and a flower front yard garden! Javier Urias also shared the words he lives by, “never forget where you come from and never forget where you want to be. Stay humble and work hard.” Finally, Gaby Ruiz recommended a local restaurant from Santa Ana called Mil Jugos. Pass the plate!

June’s issue featured the Communications Committee Team. With Esmeralda Briseno sharing her dream city to visit, Sicily in Italy, and Clarissa Teng raving about her favorite show, “That’s So Raven!” Visiting all 50 states was also revealed as an item on Marionne Lapitan’s bucket list. Moreover, Ashlyn Alexander shared a very inspirational message by Charles H. Spurgeon, “faith goes up the stairs that love has built and looks out the windows which hope has opened.”

In the July/August issue, Raul’s love of his favorite food, barbeque baby back ribs, was expressed! Ammy Bello described herself as laid-back, while Haley shared that sitting with a nice cup of tea and reading a book makes her happy. Doesn’t that just make you smile?

As we entered Fall in September/October, Mathew Picardal revealed his particular skill/talent of salsa and bachata dancing. Gerardo Padilla shared his ideal weekend getaway of snowboarding in Colorado. Natalie Jensen also shared a beautiful piece of advice to her future self, “live every day intentionally.”

To close off 2021 with the holidays in our November/December 2021 issue, JR Lagade’s childhood dream career of being a pirate made us wonder what an engineering pirate would look like. Melissa Hilsabeck also shared her favorite holiday tradition of chopping down their Christmas tree and spending Christmas Eve with her huge family! Finally, Sam Saldivar revealed that he is most excited about visiting Europe for the first time in 2022.

Overall, the series was a wonderful reminder that behind every engineer is a person with memories, loved ones, dreams, and aspirations that helped shape them into the individual they are today. Check out and learn more about the civil engineers featured in the series on our Instagram account here!

Not featured in 2021’s Get To Know YMF? Don't fret! Make sure to attend our YMF Board meetings every third Wednesday of the month in 2022 for a chance to get selected this year! We celebrate and welcome all of you to our ASCE OC YMF community! We look forward to seeing you all soon!

About the Author:

Marionne Lapitan is a Civil Associate in the Traffic/ITS Department at Michael Baker International. She is currently the Communications Committee Co-Chair and CSULB Professional-At-Large for ASCE OC YMF, and the Publications Committee Editor-In-Chief for ASCE OC Branch. Actively involved in various professional organizations, she is passionate about designing and building communities, both structurally and socially. She aims to make a difference in the world through civil engineering in hopes of building a brighter future for the next generation. She also enjoys traveling, graphic designing, and reading books in her free time. Marionne can be contacted via or LinkedIn.


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