Orange County Branch Newsletter

November 2022


Student Chapter Welcomes Industry Speakers

By Brisa Bernal | ASCE CSUF Co-President

In September, our very own procurement chair and Intern, Alex, connected us with Sully Miller, and we had the pleasure of hearing from this local contractor! Our students had the chance to hear about their company and network for future internship opportunities!

On October 5, Kimley-Horn, an engineering consultant with an office in Orange and LA, came to speak for our chapter. Here, we got to hear from them about what their company does, including the types of projects they work on, the employees they take on, and how to apply ourselves! Our students were encouraged to apply for internships and full-time positions with them, providing our club with all the information needed to see ourselves joining their team. We are so thankful for their time! 

On November 8, Stacy & Witbeck was gracious enough to join us from their Salt Lake City, Utah. They provided an interactive information retention method and copious prizes in which our students were very excited to participate. We learned that they offered internships in Seattle and gave us an excellent overview of their various projects, their values, and their team culture! We even have one board member currently interning for them, so we got some insight into how we can work for them locally!     

On November 16, Cal Trans hosted a Lunch & Learn where two incredible engineers from CalTrans came to speak on what type of work they each do for the company, both having ties to CSUF! They encouraged students to apply to work at CalTrans, explaining the process for how to do so. They also urged students to learn outside the classroom, enabling them to be part of the technical transportation team! We are very thankful for their time and wisdom! 

All of these guest speakers helped our club expand our view on what jobs are, making it accessible for our students to network and learn what they want post-graduation! We cannot say enough “thank you’s” to the professionals who took their time and invested in our chapter by sharing information and internship opportunities with us! If any YMF members would like to have their company speak at CSUF or have us attend a site visit, we would be excited to work with you! Please email us at

About the Author:

Brisa Bernal is the current Co-President of the CSUF ASCE Student Chapter. She is expected to graduate in Spring 2023 and is interested in pursuing Land Development. She has been enjoying her time on the board and looks forward to everything the rest of the school year will bring!


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