Orange County Branch Newsletter

November 2015

Treasurer's Column

Part 4 of a 7-Part Discussion Regarding Volunteering

By Gregory Henk, PE, DBIA, Ret

Part 4 – The Right Area of Volunteerism

ASCE-OC has an active and growing outreach program.  But what kind of volunteerism is right for you?  I categorize my volunteer work into three general categories: Management, Leadership and Activities.  Management includes time spent helping meet the policy and business needs of an outreach effort.  The ASCE Board Members and Committee/Institute Chairs are good examples of this – and there are Chair vacancies at this time.  Leadership includes time spent arranging for volunteer efforts and assigning responsibilities to help make the activities take place.  Finally, Activities include time spent conducting the various outreach activities.  All are necessary for successful outreach to communities and some roles are more natural to a volunteer’s personality and abilities than others; and those change over time.  Give some thought to how you might enjoy participating at a different level than you have in the past.

ASCE-OC offers many opportunities to volunteer – if interested, contact Greg Henk.

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