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January 2016

Treasurer's Column

Part 5 of a 7- Part Discussion Regarding Volunteering

By Gregory Henk, PE, DBIA, Ret

By: Greg Henk, PE, DBIA, Ret.

Final discussion regarding Volunteering.  It is based on Dennis Martenson’s presentation in Civil Engineering, February 2015

Where do we go from here?

For six months I have been writing about Volunteerism and the response has been great.  I have just returned from a trip to Maventibao, Madigascar (picture below) – it was an assessment trip for a gravity flow water project by the UCI chapter of Engineers with Borders (EWB).  I was a Mentor for the trip.  It was a difficult but rewarding trip.


ASCE-OC and EWB-OC have a meeting coming up in later in January with the US Forest Service regarding potential spring/summer projects and we are advancing the Safari Park bridge rail projects still leading toward a spring/summer volunteer rail installation weekend.  Our joint Corazon project is determining our summer activities.  Thanks for all of the ASCE support!

There is room for more volunteers – if interested, contact Greg Henk at


The San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park Bridge Railings retrofit project continues to advance.  We continue to move forward with the development of the connection construction bid documents, discussing fund raising activities and starting efforts to prepare for a spring, 2016 “construction Day” for ASCE and EWB membership to install the posts/railings and related work. 

Corazon’s project efforts continue.  EWB-OC and ASCE-OC have agreed to help develop a Sanitation element to the homes (both new and retrofit) and for their developing community centers in Tecate, Mexico.  EWB-OC is currently working with Corazon to determine how to best proceed with work this summer.

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