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How to Start Your Own Business

By Josue Candelario, E.I.T. What type of company would you like to have? Does your company’s name shine bright in Downtown Los Angeles or is your firm based in a small city working on local projects? What type of entity will you register as and where will your office be located? There are a few things to ask yourself before treading down the path of starting your own company. More »

Leisa Reid - "Creating a Winning Mindset"

By: Josue Candelario, YMF Programs Chair People are creatures of habit. Five days out of the week, we wake up, go to our office, work throughout the day, come home, and repeat the next day. After doing it for so long it is no wonder we repeat things like parking in the same spot every day, or always sitting in the same chair in the meeting room. Now ask yourself why you do that? More »

Risk Assessment and Mitigation in Geotechnical Practice

By Taki Chrysovergis, M.S., P.E. The Orange County Geo-Institute (G-I), Continuing Education Committee (CEC), and Professional Development Committee (PDC) co-hosted a half-day seminar focused on risk assessment and mitigation in the geotechnical practice.  The seminar was held on February 9, 2018 and located in Irvine, California.  Presentations were headlined by national leaders in the field of risk in geotechnics. More »

YMF - WRYMC Las Vegas 2018

By: Cameron Lancaster, E.I.T. What is WRYMC? The Western Regional Younger Member Council (WRYMC) is the portion of the annual Multi-Region Leadership Conference (MRLC) for younger members and Younger Member Groups within ASCE's Western Region (Regions 8 and 9). More »

The State of Sustainability 2017, Orange County

Welcome to American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE-OC) Sustainability Committee’s State of Sustainability 2017 Report - a comprehensive picture of how sustainability is being approached by a wide range of organizations and agencies in Orange County.   This was a tremendous effort on behalf of the Sustainability Committee!  Continue reading to find the Executive Summary and link to the entire report. More »

Why Civil Engineering Matters

By Clint Isa, P.E. I imagine that, as civil engineers, we all started with noble ambitions when we realized that this profession would be our calling. Sometimes, oftentimes, it’s easy to lose sight of the impact of our work when it seems like everyone around us is so focused on deadlines and budgets.  That is where perspective and the human element come in. You can find perspective anywhere.   Sometimes, perspective will find you, instead. Of course, perspective might also be right under your nose. More »

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