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Disaster Preparedness- Learn More

I feel that disaster preparedness is the most important area should be preparing our members.  The best way to advance the profession and to educate the public about Civil Engineering is to be there for people in their time of greatest need.  When I joined the board we had one board member active in disaster preparedness and no disaster preparedness committee.  I am very grateful that Sudi Shoja from DS Services became the chair of our disaster preparedness committee last year.  She immediately held a Safety Assessment Program (SAP) training after becoming chair to increase the number of Civil Engineers in Orange County who are prepared to assist when a natural disaster occurs.  Our class last year was at a special reduced price to try and facilitate interest in becoming active in this committee, but unfortunately we still have a committee of one.  Part of the lack of interest, may be because we need to revise the focus for the committee. More »

OC Water Districts Prepare for Emergencies

Cox OC Connections has a regular program about infrastructure in Orange County and is hosted by Lacy Kelly from Association of California Cities Orange County.  This weeks topic was related to water districts in Orange County preparing for disasters.  More »

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