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2017 Related News

Biking Event
By Charlotte Wu, P.E., ENV SP Saturday November 4th was the perfect day for bike riding. This was the second joint bike ride of the year, hosted by ASCE Sustainability Committee and the Transportation & Development Institute of Orange County Chapter. » Read More

The State of Sustainability 2017, Orange County
Welcome to American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE-OC) Sustainability Committee’s State of Sustainability 2017 Report - a comprehensive picture of how sustainability is being approached by a wide range of organizations and agencies in Orange County.   This was a tremendous effort on behalf of the Sustainability Committee!  Continue reading to find the Executive Summary and link to the entire report.  » Read More

Class IV Bikeways, a New Way to Ride
By Rock Miller, P.E. For decades, many European cities have developed networks of special bikeways within and between their urban areas.  These systems go by many names, including cycle tracks, separated bikeways, and protected bikeways, among other titles.  In the US, title Class IV Bikeways– a systems approach defined by placing physical separations between the lanes designated for bicyclists and motorists – are emerging to follow the established sequence of Class I, II, and III Bikeways. » Read More

Sustainability in Land Development
By Charlotte Wu, PE, ENV SP The Sustainability Committee of ASCE Orange County Branch organized a luncheon with speakers from Rancho Mission Viejo, Irvine Company Community Development, and Schweitzer + Associates. The banquet room was filled with professionals from all disciplines interested in learning the future development in Orange County and how sustainability plays in the current and future planning. The presentations were eye opening to many as we all listened quietly while the presenters discussed net zero energy communities, conservation of stormwater and recycled water, and transportation expansion in neighborhood electric vehicles and bike trails.  » Read More

Seeking Summer Internships
ASCE has partnered with the local Santa Ana Samueli Academy High School to help find companies or agencies that can provide a one week unpaid summer internship for students from local underprivileged communities.  This school has special curriculum with engineering classes and they are looking to help provide real world training and experience. » Read More

Peters Canyon Wash Channel Water Capture and Reuse Pipeline Project
By Remi Candaele, M.S., P.E. The ASCE OC EWRI Committee invited Amanda Carr (County of Orange), Joe McGehee (Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD)), and Ray Bennett (IRWD) to discuss the history, coordination efforts, and engineering principles of the Peters Canyon Wash Channel Capture and Reuse Pipeline Project.  The project was recently recognized as the 2016 Environmental Engineering Project by the Orange County Branch. » Read More

Southern California Takes Lead on Sustainability in Infrastructure
By Charlotte Wu, PE, ENV SP There are several notable sustainability measuring tools: Infrastructure Voluntary Evaluation Sustainability Tool (INVEST), Greenroads, and Green Leadership in Transportation Environmental Sustainability (GreenLITES) are a few notable ones; however, the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) Envision rating system can be applied to all civil infrastructure projects. Envision provides a holistic approach to mitigate a project’s impact on economy, environment, and society. It covers planning, design, construction, and operation, which ensures the project life cycle is examined.  Click on to see more » Read More

Santa Ana River Parkway Extension Branch Lunch
By Portia Gonzalez, P.E. The ASCE Orange County Branch March luncheon meeting presented on the Santa Ana River Parkway Extension Project.  The key speakers include Mr. Jeff Dickman, Planner with the Orange County Public Works; Mr. Jerry Flores, Associate Principal with AECOM, and Mr. David Jaffe, Senior Project Manager with Psomas.   » Read More

Transit Oriented Development - An integrated urban and transport design approach that brings everything together
Charlotte Wu, PE, ENV SP Sustainable Transit Oriented Development (TOD) creates walkable communities centered around train systems, along with benefits such as increased local economy, less air pollution, higher quality of life, and healthier life styles. » Read More