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2014 Related News

Proposition 1 Water Bond for California and Orange County
On August 13th, AB 1471 was passed with near unanimous support replacing the previous 2009 Water Bond which could never quite make it to the ballot. This legislation signed by Governor Jerry Brown, creates a new water called Proposition 1 Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014 and will show up on the Nov. 4, 2014 election ballot. » Read More

Geotechnical Sustainability
In February, 2014 the Sustainability Committee sponsored a student workshop to discuss Sustainability in Civil Engineering. Jerry Diaz, PE, GE, provided his geotechnical perspective at the workshop and recaps his presentation here. » Read More

Sea-Level Rise in Orange County: Designing for Resilience
The ASCE OC Branch's Sustainability Committee discusses sea-level rise in Orange County. Along its 42-mile coastline, Orange County boasts some of the nation’s most visited and economically important beach communities and a full suite of infrastructure to support them. However, the 128,849 residents living below an elevation of 10 feet face the threat of coastal flooding due to the sea-level rise and increased severity of storm events brought on by climate change. » Read More

Update on Envision™, Sustainable Infrastructure Rating System
Since the launch of Envision in 2012, over 400 companies, public agencies, and universities have provided applications for credentialing their organization's sustainability professionals. Public sector sustainability professionals account for about 20% of the total credentialed. The two largest public agencies that have credentialed the highest number of ENV SPs to date are the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works (LA County DPW), and the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP). » Read More

Sustainability Committee - I-710 Corridor: Gateway to the Future
A principal goal of Metro, Caltrans, and other partner agencies is to develop, analyze and ultimately implement capacity and safety improvements to the I-710.  The Sustainablity Committee looks at a project that envisions making improvements to the I-710 freeway corridor beginning at the Port of Long Beach and extending north to the I-5 interchange. » Read More