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Employer: American Institute of Steel Construction

Virtual, Located west of Mississippi and/or California

Job Title: West Region NSBA Bridge Steel Specialist

Job Description

This position is a virtual role. The selected incumbent must be based west of the Mississippi River with access to an airport that with flights directly or indirectly to both the Western Region of the United States as well as Chicago.

Why work at AISC? 

Our work is important to the safety of the public. We write the specifications to which all steel buildings in the U.S. are designed and built; and we collaborate with AASHTO and FHWA to help produce the design standards that advance the quality, economy, and safety of steel bridges throughout the U.S. Our work is also critical to the success of the entire industry we support. We advocate for, support, and serve the steel fabricators, mills, service centers, and others in the steel industry who build America. 

What is the culture like at AISC?

Our culture is productive, respectful, and supportive. We support equity, diversity, and inclusion and strive to create an incredible company culture that values the contributions of our staff, members, and volunteers and promotes a positive work/life balance. We provide the opportunity to meet and work with leaders in the design community and construction industry.

What about the benefits at AISC?

  • We encourage and help pay for continuing education to help advance our employees careers.
  • We provide training to help staff improve and advance, including their leadership, writing, and presentation skills. 
  • AISC offers a Cadillac health plan, currently paying 80% of premiums. The Paid Time Off available is hefty including what AISC calls ‘Whatever Days’, time off to use for whatever the employee chooses.   


For over 100 years, the American Institute of Steel Construction/National Steel Bridge Alliance has been the leading advocate and trusted resource for the American steel bridge industry. NSBA Bridge Steel Specialists build and strengthen relationships with decision makers from a primary target audience (bridge owners and bridge designers) as a means to increase the use of structural steel. 

An NSBA Bridge Steel Specialist will focus on adding value, creating a positive experience for, and an emotional connection with decision makers around every aspect of the steel bridge design and construction process.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Represent and promote the steel bridge industry.
  • Build and strengthen relationships with Departments of Transportation, bridge design consultants, and others in a position to make the structural material decision for bridge construction.
  • Work cohesively with the NSBA Steel Solutions Center and NSBA colleagues to help bridge owners/designers select steel in the TS&L phase of projects.
  • Deliver presentations and organize face-to-face discussions with decision makers on the proper use of the NSBA design tools and reference documents.
  • Facilitate ongoing and proactive project support for steel bridge design and construction by connecting decision makers to member fabricators and the NSBA Chief Bridge Engineer.
  • Speak at local and national trade shows on the market advantage of utilizing structural steel for bridges.
  • Stay active in the community by authoring articles and resources that advocate for the benefits of steel.
  • Be the catalyst for fabricator and mill engagement with decision makers.


Additional Duties & Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with AISC staff in all departments to ensure transparency, collaboration, and efficiency.
  • Actively develop market development resources and recommend ways to improve them.
  • Engage and support various groups and committees that advance the steel bridge industry, including but not limited to: the AASHTO/NSBA Steel Bridge Collaboration, the AISI/SMDI Bridge Task Force, the Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance, the Accelerated Bridge Construction - University Transportation Center, and the AASHTO Subcommittee on Bridges and Structures.
  • Manage a continuous flow of marketing information into the AISC and NSBA web sites, Modern Steel Construction magazine, and other appropriate internal and external communication channels.
  • Support all bridge-related market development needs of the AISC Steel Solutions Center to ensure the timeliness and quality of the conceptual solutions provided.
  • Promote AISC/NSBA membership to all members of the steel bridge supply chain.
  • Attend AISC and NSBA meetings and events, including NASCC: The Steel Conference and World Bridge Symposium
  • Attend national AASHTO meetings/conferences/events and regional bridge related meetings/conferences.
  • Develop and update market development presentations and resources for NSBA and AISC market development staff.
  • Quantify activities in a CRM (or related) system, which are measured against metrics and goals as required.
  • Carry out special projects and duties as assigned.

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  • Four-year technical degree or equivalent experience.
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in the design and/or construction of bridges using AASHTO and state DOT bridge design standards, procedures, and requirements.. 
  • Ability to relate to engineers, fabricators and Department of Transportation personnel.
  • Proficiency with standard software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs/Sheets and similar applications).
  • Exposure to CRM systems is highly preferred.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to present in front of a group, a positive attitude, self-motivated, with a marketing/sales oriented demeanor.  In general, an outgoing and engaging personality.
  • Ability to work independently with a high level of organizational capabilities.
  • A high level of general business acumen and demonstrated ability to cultivate and maintain professional relationships are essential.
  • Willingness to travel approximately a third of the time.

Please send your resume and cover letter to John Newton newton@aisc.org. This is a direct hire position.

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